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Getting Your Numbers Right and Avoiding Stretchers with Jared Ash and Sid Shamim Pt.2

Getting Your Numbers Right and Avoiding Stretchers with Jared Ash and Sid Shamim Pt.3

DEC 17, 2021

Duration: 24 Mins

This is part 3 of my conversation with Jared Asch and Sid Shamim. Jared is the President and CEO of Firework Investments. Jared has worked for more than 20 years in public affairs and political consulting. He is a member of the Walnut Creek, California Transit Commission and he is on the Board of Advisors to the Contra Costa County Transit Agency. Jared has developed more than 218 MW of renewable energy projects and is LEED AP from the US Green Building Council and he also owns several investment properties in the Southeast. With him is Sid Shamim who is the Founder and CEO of Headway Capital Multifamily (HCMF) & Headway Property Management (HPM). His company owns and manages multiple multifamily assets in Houston’s key areas. Prior to finding his niche in commercial real estate, he had a decade worth of work experience in corporate oil and gas companies. Sid has over 10 years of experience in commercial real estate investment and his core team combined possess 100+ years of experience in real estate management. His expertise lies in strategic planning, business development, expansion and integration. Make sure to tune in until the end of this episode as we talk about reducing expenses, the role of property management groups, and offering technology packages. Listen in! [00:01 – 09:39] Due Diligence for Providing Better Means of Living Corner-cutting horror stories in multifamily units Good property management teams provide solutions Building to fair extreme weather [09:40 – 16:14] Decreasing Expenses Negotiating expense management with lenders Learning from those who have more experience than us [16:15 -21:11] Troubleshooting Maintenance Issues Water conservation rules and techniques Preventing disasters is better than fixing disasters [21:12 -24:51] Closing Segment Final words from Jared Ash and Sid Shamim Connect with my guests using the links below! Tweetable Quotes: “Those Mom and Pops, they’ve got a level of experience that you’re likely not going to have unless you’ve been doing this for a long time.” – Angel Williams “For a new operator in the multifamily space, I would make sure that you have all of the elements in place as part of your partnership team between when you have an LOI accepted and when you sign the agreement.” – Jared Ash Connect with Sid and Jared on LinkedIn! LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode. Are you confused about where to start? Join our community and learn more about real estate investing. 

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