Establish Your Buy Box

  1. Defining Investment Criteria
  2. Market Analysis
  3. Risk Assessment
  4. Investment Goals Alignment
  5. Strategy Development

Iron-Clad Underwriting

  1. Napkin Underwriting Basic
  2. Critical Financial Metric
  3. Expense and Income Analysis
  4. Sensitivity Analysis and Risk Management

OPM Mastery

  1. Basics of Raising Capital
  2. Legal Foundations
  3. Building Investor Networks
  4. Pitching to Investors
  5. Trust and Transparency

Bring the Deal Home

  1. Negotiation Techniques
  2. Due Diligence Process
  3. Securing Financing 
  4. Contract Preparation and Review
  5. Closing the Deal

Portfolio Accelerator

  1. Understanding Property vs. Asset Management
  2. Setting KPIs
  3. Meeting Business Plans
  4. Operational Efficiency 
  5. Performance Review and Adjustments

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