Mastering The Art Of Multifamily Investing

Multifamily Millionaire Academy

The Multifamily Mastery Blueprint. From Sourcing to Success.

About the Program

The Multifamily Millionaire Academy is a specialized commercial multifamily investing coaching program designed to equip individuals with the necessary tools, guidance, and strategic insight required to close their first multifamily property. This program is specifically tailored for investors that are ready to unlock financial freedom through investing in multifamily apartments. For those that already have experience in the real estate investing world, the Multifamily Millionaire Academy will take them to the next level.

The Five Pillars

The Multifamily Millionaire Academy offers members the opportunity to learn & implement the 5-key pillars of building a successful multifamily investing business.

Establish Your Buy Box

We guide you in defining your investment criteria, including location, property type, and target demographics, while teaching you to analyze markets and assess potential risks. This pillar also helps you align property selections with your long-term goals and develop tailored strategies for efficient property acquisition.

Iron-Clad Underwriting

We introduce you to napkin underwriting for quick property evaluations and teach you to understand key financial metrics like NOI, cap rates, cash-on-cash returns, and IRR. You’ll also learn how to conduct full underwriting and how to analyze property income and expenses, conduct sensitivity analyses, and develop strategies to manage investment risks effectively.

OPM Mastery

Master using Other People’s Money! Here we introduce you to the fundamentals of raising capital, including the differences between equity and debt and the fundamentals of syndication. You’ll learn the key legal aspects of capital raising, how to build and maintain investor networks, effectively pitch investment opportunities, and maintain trust and transparency with your investors through clear communication and regular updates.

Bring the Deal Home

Here we teach you effective negotiation strategies essential for real estate transactions and guide you through the comprehensive due diligence process, ensuring all property aspects align with your goals. You’ll learn about securing various financing options, preparing and reviewing contracts, and navigating the entire closing process to ensure a smooth and successful property acquisition.

Portfolio Accelerator

Here’s where we clarify the distinctions between property and asset management, teaching you how to oversee daily operations and strategically maximize property value. You’ll learn to set key performance indicators, align operations with long-term goals, enhance operational efficiency, and conduct regular performance reviews to make informed adjustments for successful investments.
Cashflow, Community, and Beyond: Join the Multifamily Investors Who Are Building Empires and Living Their Best Lives!

What to Expect

Expert Insights

Learn from professionals with extensive experience in multifamily properties.

Collaborative Learning

Share experiences, strategies, and insights with a like-minded community.

Exclusive Resources

Gain access to valuable resources, including market analyses, investment tools, and case studies.

Network Opportunities

Earn and learn and connect with fellow investors, forming valuable relationships and potential partnerships.

Eight Important Reasons To Join

Connections to a network that can help you to find, fund, close and manage deals.

Guidance on how to find the ideal market.

Gain access to industry experts.

Learn the skills and tactics of multi-millionaire investors.

Opportunity to partner with experienced operators.

Understand how to legally syndicate a deal.

Grow and scale a multi-family business portfolio.

Learn how to position yourself for passive income.

This Coaching Group Is For You If You Are Ready To…

... take massive action but feeling stuck.

... be surrounded by a supportive community.

... scale from Single-family to Multi-family investing.

.. learn the winning mindset.

Meet The Team

Noel Parnell

Noel Parnell is a Philadelphia native and has been passionate about real estate since childhood. Prior to becoming a full-time real estate investor, Noel worked as a pharmaceutical scientist. Noel got his big break in real estate during the 2009 Great Recession. To date, he has engaged in over 100+ real estate transactions in the United States and abroad. In addition to his love for real estate, Noel is also an avid runner, swimmer, cross fitter, jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai athlete.

Tiffany Spann

Tiffany Spann worked in Cybersecurity and Information Technology as a Program Manager and Cybersecurity SME prior to real estate investing. While working in corporate America, Tiffany developed a love for real estate and began her investing journey in 2018. Her mission is to educate others on building wealth through multifamily investing. In her pursuit to share this knowledge and empower others, Tiffany leads a monthly webinar and coaching program with her partners tailored to helping others close their first multifamily property.

Lupei Chou

Lupei Chou is an active-duty Naval Officer with 22 years of leadership, logistics and government contracting experience in the Defense Industry. She began real estate investing in 2018 and currently holds a personal portfolio of residential and commercial properties in Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina and Texas. Lupei is passionate about financial literacy education. Her mission is to make real estate investing accessible to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions

Previous real estate experience is preferred, but not required.
Access is available through our coaching app 24×7; coaches are available to help M-F, 9AM-5PM; and after hours during times of critical real estate transactions.
All the tools, templates, strategies, and network that the Crown Capital team uses will be provided.
This is a 12-month program. We recommend the students spend 1-4 hours per day on it.
Yes, we guarantee you will close your first property within the first 12-months or we will continue coaching you for FREE until you do.
Schedule a call with us to learn more.

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What Our Investors’ Say

The Crown Capital webinars are incredibly informative. The hosts, Lupei, Tiffany, and Noel, have assembled a roster of speakers that continue to expand my knowledge of opportunities in the real estate space. What I appreciate is that there is no hard sell or pitch - it's truly boots on the ground, hard-won knowledge, and experience that is shared very openly with the group...

S. Kim

I really enjoyed the weekly webinars with Lupei, Tiffany, and Noel. The free content the team created was insightful and useful for a wide range of investors. I appreciated the refreshers on deal analysis, as well as learning more about options to invest in nontraditional ways. I took away a lot of value each week and one class even led to me finally finding the right tax strategist....

Erica Pelfrey

I have known Tiffany for many years. She has always stayed focused on her goals, consistent with her word and follows through with action. When Crown Capital began, I knew I had to be apart of it. The team assembled is amazing; and has so much real world experience. Being apart of the weekly podcast has improved my knowledge base for overall financial literacy....

Pierre Matthews