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Multifamily Masterclass

Know Your Coaches

Noel Parnell

Partner and Co-founder
  • Specializes in transforming severely distressed properties into beautiful homes.
  • Engaged in over 100 real estate transactions in the US and abroad. 
  • Owns a portfolio of over $6 million.
  • His portfolio includes undeveloped/underdeveloped land, single and multifamily units as well as commercial properties.
  • Inspired many investors with his insightful talks on various platforms like 
    Real Estate Rich Summit,
    diversified investment group, mainline real estate group, HAPCO, BTS, and many more.
  • Hosted many real estate rehab van tours.

Tiffany Spann

Partner and Co-founder
  • Started with single-family rentals and transitioned to commercial multifamily properties.
  • Leads a meetup of 300+ women real estate investors.
  • Mentored and coached 20+ women in real estate investing. 
  • Speaker at various real estate conferences including Real Estate Rich Summit and MFIN Conference.
  • Host of the bi-weekly Wealth Without Wall Street webinar.
  • Professional journey started in the IT industry as a cybersecurity specialist and program manager, managing $10M+ projects as a consultant for the Federal government.

Lupei Chou

  • Started with her first single-family rental in 2018.
  • Quickly scaled to large commercial multifamily properties using creative financing and strategic partnerships.
  • Holds a $7M portfolio of residential and commercial properties across six states.
  • Leads the Real Estate InvestHER Meetup for the Capital Region, making real estate investing accessible to everyone.
  • Helped over 20 women to get into real estate investing by providing mentorship, education, and investment opportunities.
  • One of the key speakers at the Real Estate Rich Summit where she successfully delivered a talk about Real Estate Rich Veterans & Active Duty.

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What Will You Learn In This Masterclass?

What's More

Our Exclusively Designed Workbook Helps You Learn by Doing with These Power-Packed 6 Steps


Know the Concept


Implement with Number-Based Activities


Have Group Discussions and Gain Other Perspectives


Design Your Investment Criteria


Create Your Vision Map


Gain Confidence to Start Investing Now

With our meticulously designed strategy, you get to Learn By Doing.
Will be given the opportunity to Partner with Us!

Masterclass Essentials

Will the recording be available?

Yes, we will be recording the video and providing you with the link for download.

How do I know if this is the right program for me?

This program is ideal for anyone seeking to fast-track their financial freedom through real estate. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, the program equips you with the skills to evaluate profitable multifamily deals using case studies and practical activities.

Are there any networking opportunities with fellow participants and experienced investors?

Yes, this masterclass often provides networking opportunities with a community of like-minded individuals and experienced investors, allowing you to learn from others and potentially form valuable connections. With our break-out rooms and group discussions during the session, you get to strengthen the collaboration, while learning along the way.

Do I also get support after the masterclass?

Yes, we offer ongoing support, by providing access to our exclusive Facebook group where like-minded people connect and help each other in their investment journey. You also get exclusive invites to our future webinars and networking events so learning and growing never stops.

What makes this masterclass different from other courses?

This masterclass stands out due to its focus on multifamily investments, providing in-depth case studies and practical activities to equip you with the skills needed to evaluate and execute successful deals.

What if I don't have large capital to invest in multifamily properties?

The masterclass covers various investment strategies, including creative financing options, enabling you to explore ways to invest in multifamily properties even with limited capital.


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What Our Investors' Say

The Crown Capital webinars are incredibly informative. The hosts, Lupei, Tiffany, and Noel, have assembled a roster of speakers that continue to expand my knowledge of opportunities in the real estate space. What I appreciate is that there is no hard sell or pitch - it's truly boots on the ground, hard-won knowledge, and experience that is shared very openly with the group...

S. Kim

I really enjoyed the weekly webinars with Lupei, Tiffany, and Noel. The free content the team created was insightful and useful for a wide range of investors. I appreciated the refreshers on deal analysis, as well as learning more about options to invest in nontraditional ways. I took away a lot of value each week and one class even led to me finally finding the right tax strategist....

Erica Pelfrey

I have known Tiffany for many years. She has always stayed focused on her goals, consistent with her word and follows through with action. When Crown Capital began, I knew I had to be apart of it. The team assembled is amazing; and has so much real world experience. Being apart of the weekly podcast has improved my knowledge base for overall financial literacy....

Pierre Matthews
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