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Welcome to Crown Capital, where we specialize in offering passive investment opportunities through apartment syndications. Our mission is to help our investors build Wealth Without Wall Street by making quality real estate investments accessible, profitable, and hassle-free for our investors.

At Crown Capital, we understand the allure of real estate investing and its potential for generating substantial returns. However, we also recognize that not everyone has the time, expertise, or desire to manage properties actively. This is where our expertise comes into play. By investing with us, you become a partner in premium multifamily properties without the burdens of direct management.

Our approach is simple yet effective. We meticulously identify, acquire, and manage value-add apartment complexes, transforming them into thriving communities and profitable investments. Our team, consisting of seasoned real estate professionals, employs a strategic combination of market analysis, rigorous due diligence, and expert asset management. This ensures that every project we undertake is positioned for success.

Beyond financial gains, we at Crown Capital are dedicated to creating positive social impacts. We believe in investing in properties that not only yield financial returns but also enhance the quality of life for residents and contribute to the vitality of the communities we invest in.

Join us at Crown Capital, and take part in a journey of lucrative, passive real estate investment that aligns with your financial goals and contributes to building better living spaces. Experience the power of multifamily investing, made simple and effective by a team that values your trust and investment.

Our Team

Tiffany Spann



Prior to investing in real estate Tiffany worked in Cybersecurity and Information Technology as a Program Manager and Cybersecurity Specialist. Tiffany managed $10M+ projects as a consultant for the Federal government. Tiffany has used her systematic background to strategically scale her multifamily business.

Tiffany Spann is the Co-Founder & Partner of Crown Capital. Tiffany and her partners hold over $20M in multifamily investments.  Tiffany’s real estate career began with single-family rentals, and soon after stabilizing her rental portfolio, she learned the power of apartment investing and quickly transitioned into syndicating multifamily apartments.

Tiffany’s mission is to educate and help others build wealth through multifamily apartment investing. In her pursuit to share knowledge and empower others, Tiffany leads a bi-weekly webinar with her partners called Wealth Without Wall Street, where they teach others how to invest in multifamily. Additionally, Tiffany leads 300+ women real estate investors as the Leader for the Real Estate InvestHER Meetup Capital Region.

Noel Parnell



Noel Parnell, a Philadelphia native, has been interested in real estate for as long as he can remember. Always a visionary, Noel recognized an entry point into the field that he had once dreamed about during the peak of the 2007 Great Recession. What was a loss for some, was the launchpad for a dynamic and fulfilling career. Noel’s initial work was focused on rehabilitation. Relying on his strong work ethic, an intimate knowledge of his hometown and an innate business savvy, Noel acquired severely distressed properties and transformed them into beautiful homes.

During this period, Noel’s childhood interest changed into his passion. He became a dedicated student of the business of real estate, learning both through traditional study and hands-on practical experience. To date, Noel has engaged in over 100 real estate transactions in the United States and abroad. He has amassed a portfolio of over $6 million, which includes undeveloped/underdeveloped land, single and multifamily units as well as commercial properties. Prior to the takeoff of his real estate career, Noel worked as a scientist for GlaxoSmithKline as well as in program management for several prominent pharmaceutical companies. He was a member of the 2008 Olympic team for the US Paralympic Team. He is an avid runner, swimmer, cross fitter, jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai athlete. Noel has successfully leveraged the discipline, creativity and organization skills developed during these experiences to inform his current business strategy.

Lupei Chou


Investor Relations

Lupei is an active-duty Naval Officer with 20 years of leadership, logistics, government contracting and project management experience in the Defense Industry. She has completed multiple deployments at sea and proudly served her country in Afghanistan during OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM.

Lupei’s real estate investing journey began with the purchase of her first single-family rental in 2018, which opened her eyes to the power of real estate. From there, she quickly scaled to large commercial multifamily properties by leveraging creative financing and strategic partnering. This allowed her to grow her business and investment portfolio with greater efficiency, scalability and profitability. Lupei holds a portfolio of $7M in residential and commercial properties in six states.

Lupei is passionate about financial literacy education and empowerment. Her mission is to make real estate investing accessible to everyone. Lupei leads the Real Estate InvestHER Meetup for the Capital Region.

Lupie Chou

Noel Parnell

Tiffany Spann