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Get started on your learning journey instantly with our free eBook on “Ultimate Guide To Multifamily Investing”. We have condensed our 26+ years of experience in this ebook to provide proven strategies and practical tips into an actionable roadmap for finding and acquiring profitable multifamily properties. Along with evaluating a sample deal to providing list of questions for due diligence, the ebook covers it all.

Cashflow, Community, and Beyond: Join the Multifamily Investors Who Are Building Empires and Living Their Best Lives!

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What Is The Crown Capital Multifamily Coaching?

The Crown Capital Coaching is a specialized Real Estate Coaching Program designed to equip individuals with the necessary tools, guidance, and strategic insight required to clarify and attain their real estate investment objectives. This program is specifically tailored for Beginner and Intermediate Investors eager to unlock financial freedom by investing in Multifamily apartments. For those that already have the experience in the real estate investing world, the Crown Capital Coaching will take them to the next level.

What to Expect


Expert Insights

Learn from professionals with extensive experience in multifamily properties.

Collaborative Learning

Share experiences, strategies, and insights with a like-minded community.

Exclusive Resources

Gain access to valuable resources, including market analyses, investment tools, and case studies.

Network Opportunities

Earn and learn and connect with fellow investors, forming valuable relationships and potential partnerships.

What You Will Learn

The Crown Capital Multifamily Coaching offers members the opportunity to learn & implement the 3-key pillars of building a successful Multifamily investing business.

The 3 key pillars are:


The Crown Capital Multifamily Coaching group focuses on how to scout for potential deals, analyze market data to ensure investment soundness, and negotiate terms that align with your strategic goals. We believe that acquisitions are about more than finding the right property; it's about creating opportunities that others overlook.

Capital Raising

Members of the Crown Capital Multifamily Coaching will learn techniques to effectively raise capital. Members will be provided with case studies, strategies, and resources for raising capital.

Asset Management

Equally important is the post-acquisition phase where the real work begins – managing and adding value to your investment. We'll guide you through the strategies for operational efficiency, tenant relations, and financial oversight. Learn how to maximize revenue, reduce costs, and enhance property value, ensuring that your investments continue to yield strong returns.

Members of the Crown Capital Multifamily Coaching group are like-minded investors, who believe in building “Wealth Without Wall Street” through apartment investing to achieve their financial & personal goals.

Eight Important Reasons To Join

Connections to a network that can help you to find, fund, close and manage deals.

Guidance on how to find the ideal market.

Gain access to industry experts.

Learn the skills and tactics of multi-millionaire investors.

Opportunity to partner with experienced operators.

Understand how to legally syndicate a deal.

Grow and scale a multi-family business portfolio.

Learn how to position yourself for passive income.

This Coaching Group Is For You If You Are Ready To…

... take massive action but feeling stuck.

... be surrounded by a supportive community.

... scale from Single-family to Multi-family investing.

.. learn the winning mindset.

What’s Included

3 Steps to Acquire Profitable Multifamily Deals

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Connect with fellow investors, forming valuable relationships and potential partnerships.


Grab profitable deals with confidence and succeed alongside other community members.

About Us

Noel Parnell

Partner and Co-founder
  • Philly Pride: A Philadelphia native with humble beginnings and deep roots in the city’s real estate scene that spearheaded nationwide success.
  • Fearless Debut: Launched real estate career in 2009 during the market peak after being laid off, by mastering the art of transforming distressed properties.
  • Global Portfolio: Over 100 successful real estate transactions, spanning the US and international markets, with a $10M+ portfolio.
  • Scientific Precision: Former scientist Leveraging a background in Biology (B.S) and Biochemical engineering (M.S), Noel brings analytical rigor and project management expertise to real estate

Tiffany Spann

Partner and Co-founder
  • Small Town Roots: Born and raised in a small town in Southern Virginia, Tiffany attended University of Maryland and currently resides in Bowie, MD, with her son.
  • Scale Master: Started with single-family rental in 2018 and scaled her portfolio to 665 doors in 5 years.
  • Business Professional: Launched multiple six-figure companies in the IT and real estate industries.
  • Service Driven: Leads a meetup of 300+ women real estate investors; mentored and coached 20+ women in real estate investing.
  • Stage Presence: Speaker at various real estate conferences including Real Estate Rich Summit and MFIN Conference.

Lupei Chou

  • Humble Beginning: From immigrant to senior military officer to multifamily investor and business owner.
  • Navy Pride: Active-duty Naval Officer with 20 years of leadership, logistics and government contracting experience.
  • Global Service: Completed multiple deployments at sea and served in Afghanistan during OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM.
  • Diverse Portfolio: Grew her real estate portfolio from zero to $7M across six states in 5 years.
  • Community Focused: Leads monthly meetup focusing on financial literacy and making real estate investing accessible to everyone.

Our Investment Journey So Far

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What Our Investors’ Say

The Crown Capital webinars are incredibly informative. The hosts, Lupei, Tiffany, and Noel, have assembled a roster of speakers that continue to expand my knowledge of opportunities in the real estate space. What I appreciate is that there is no hard sell or pitch - it's truly boots on the ground, hard-won knowledge, and experience that is shared very openly with the group...

S. Kim

I really enjoyed the weekly webinars with Lupei, Tiffany, and Noel. The free content the team created was insightful and useful for a wide range of investors. I appreciated the refreshers on deal analysis, as well as learning more about options to invest in nontraditional ways. I took away a lot of value each week and one class even led to me finally finding the right tax strategist....

Erica Pelfrey

I have known Tiffany for many years. She has always stayed focused on her goals, consistent with her word and follows through with action. When Crown Capital began, I knew I had to be apart of it. The team assembled is amazing; and has so much real world experience. Being apart of the weekly podcast has improved my knowledge base for overall financial literacy....

Pierre Matthews
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