We believe in empowering our investors to make the best decisions for their financial future by educating them through our Monthly Webinars.

From Banker to $700M in Multifamily Real Estate

Key Highlights:

  • Arleen emphasized the importance of getting educated in the multifamily space and translating your work experience into your multifamily business.
  • Arleen highlighted that you do not have to start big to be successful as she and her husband began their multifamily investing journey with a 24-unit property, slowly scaled up.
  • Arleen stressed the importance of building a strong network and forming strategic partnerships.
  • Arleen highlighted several key strategies for effective property management and value addition.
  • Arleen discussed various financing options and the importance of choosing the right financing strategy based on the investment’s timeline and goals.

Dominate the Multifamily Market and Make Your Competition Irrelevant

Key Highlights:
  • Learn the importance of selecting the right location for real estate investments.
  • How to decide whether to be actively involved in real estate management or to invest passively.
  • The significance of establishing good relationships with third-party management companies.
  • Discover the strategic approach to investing, such as utilizing 1031 exchanges for property trade-ups, identifying undervalued areas or properties.

Building Container Home Communities

Key Highlights:
  • The costs and features of container homes, including standard and deluxe models, construction details, and potential profits from Airbnb rentals.
  • Learn how to own your own luxury container home in just 30 days or less – yes, you read that right!
  • The profitability of using shipping containers for short-term rentals.

Cashflow Crossover: Using Real Estate to Purchase Massage Envy Franchises

Key Highlights:

  • Real estate can help diversify Investments and venture into Massage franchise.
  • Franchises Business thrives even during economic challenges.
  • Successful expansion in franchising requires effective management, delegation, and hiring.
  • Tax advantages help offset income from the franchise business.

Maximizing your Returns Tax Strategies for Savvy Taxpayers

Key Highlights:

  • Potential changes to the child tax credit, increasing from $2,000 to $3,600 per child.
  • Tips for self-employed individuals without W-2 income, emphasizing the importance of tracking business expenses for deductions.
  • The advantages of being a real estate professional, include potential deductions and benefits.
  • The potential tax benefits and risks associated with oil and gas investments.
  • Various tax loopholes, such as short-term rental investments and cost segregation studies.

Target 2024: Visionary Tactics for Unstoppable Success

Key Highlights:

  • Define clear goals for success.
  • Start with self-awareness for effective goal-setting.
  • Understand yourself before chasing goals blindly.
  • Embrace “Super Live”: Be healthy, wealthy, and build strong relationships.

Hard Money Hacks: Expert Tips for Multifamily Funding

Key Highlights:

  • Overview of Hard Money Lending and how it differs from Traditional Financing
  • Reasons for Choosing Bridge Loans
  • Factors Influencing Loan Choice
  • Importance of Relationship in Decision-Making

The Art and Science of Raising Capital

What you will Learn at this Webinar:

– Effective Strategies for Building Strong Investor Relationships.
– Sustaining Investor Relationships Post-Investment.
– Key Characteristics to Seek in Potential Investors.
– Recommended Resources and Books for Aspiring Capital Raisers.
– Key Questions to Consider When Approaching Investors for Capital Raising.

THE ABCs of Multifamily Offering Memorandum: A Deep Dive

What you will Learn at this Webinar:

✅ Understand the key components of a multifamily offering memorandum

✅ Learn how to interpret data and make informed decisions

✅ Learn the right questions to ask the broker

Brand Brilliance: Crafting Your Identity for Lasting Success

 What you will Learn at this Webinar:
–  What is Brand Brilliance
–  Defining your brand
–  Why brand brilliance matter
–  The Branding Process

Investing for Impact: Receiving $350k from Buying an 8-Unit Apartment with Low-Income Tenants

 What you will Learn at this Webinar:
– How to Partner with the Government
– Understanding Loan Forgiveness
– Identifying the Right Opportunity
– Creating a Win-Win

Redefining Possibilities: Acquiring a $3.2M Apartment for $5K!

 What you will Learn at this Webinar:
– Navigating the Deal
– Identify the Opportunity
– Effective Management
– Overcome the Challenges

Apartment 101 Investing

Learn how you can build wealth passively through apartment investing. Learn why we love commercial multifamily investing, the benefits, key terms, how it works, and a sample deal.

An Investment in Progress- A Multifamily Case Study

Learn first-hand how you can make your money work for you by understanding how multifamily assets are valued through this webinar on one of our 134-unit apartments located in Houston, TX. Unlike residential properties, commercial multifamily assets are valued based on the net operating income. Meaning if you find creative ways to drive the expenses down and the income up, the property value increases. We have our property manager and industry expert, Kimra Holcomb share our business plan on how we are forcing appreciation to increase the value on our property.

How Interest Rates are Impacting Multifamily Investors

Crown Capital as breaks down the impact of interest rate increases on property acquisition, investments currently held, and how it is impacting investor returns – for the better.

During this webinar our special guest, Julie Anne Peterson Senior Director of Old Capital Lending, provides insight in to what she’s seeing on the lending side and ultimate impacts on multifamily investors.

Pay $0 In Taxes Legally from Real Estate Investing

Paying too much in taxes? Does your investment strategy reduce the amount of taxes you pay? It should!

Check out our own CPA, Vince Porter, teach us how to reduce our tax bill and maximize our investments. Vince focuses on helping entrepreneurs and investors save tax dollars and has helped his clients save $19M in the last four years by building strategic tax plans centered around educating clients on tax saving opportunities.

How to Invest in Real Estate Using Your Retirement Account

Matthew Duffy, from Directed IRA & Directed Trust Company goes over the steps to get started with investing in real estate and alternative investments using your retirement plan. Matthew goes over the various plans available to use and informs us on the importance of being knowledgeable about these options.

What does 2023 Look Like in the Multifamily Space?

Austin Graham from Matthews Real Estate Investment Services and Chad DeFoor from Capstone Companies, share what they are seeing in the market and their outlook for the upcoming year. Over the past two years, low-interest rates, flexible bridge loans, and Covid stimulus combined with record unemployment have led to unprecedented rent growth and financial gain for investors.

Three Different Multifamily Case Studies from Our Portfolio

Presenting THREE multifamily case studies from our personal portfolio and sharing the insights from a General Partner, Limited Partner and Joint Venture perspective!

Learn How to Have a Solid Financial Plan in Uncertain Times

Discover ways to strategically plan for your financial future in uncertain times. Learn how to create different buckets of money to optimize your budget and finances.

Mindset & Goal Setting

The Power of Mindset and Goal-setting. Vanessa shares how she has become a successful multifamily investor and grown multiple 7-figure businesses while balancing her roles as a wife and mother of five!

A Sample Deal Offering

Understand the key indicators, projected returns, and the top questions to ask the deal sponsors. This webinar will prepare you to evaluate your next investment like a pro!

Learn How to Invest Using eQRP - the "Ferrari" of Retirement Plans

Joel Landon, from eQRP Company spills all the beans from A-Z about the retirement account unlike any out here! eQRP allows you to have freedom to choose your investments AND you have checkbook access to invest as you please.

Whole Life Insurance: The Wealthy’s Secret to Building Family Legacy, Cashflow and Sustainable Income!

Whole Life Insurance is so much more than life insurance. It is a powerful financial tool and one of the best kept secrets the wealthy use to create and preserve wealth.

Secrets of the Wealthy: How do the Wealthy Save, Grow, and Protect Wealth?

Nate and Bethany are serial entrepreneurs and personal financial planning experts! They are passionate about helping people to save, grow and protect wealth. Their company mission of “No Family Left Behind” seeks to help the everyday American take back control of their financial futures, live more stress free, and achieve a quality of life they think is only a fantasy!

Surviving to Thriving: Step by Step to Financial Freedom!

Our very own Noel Parnell shares his step by step process to become financially free and quit his 9-5 job since 2016!!! In this session, Noel will show us how to calculate your “financial freedom number” and determine how much you need based on the lifestyle you want to live, from covering the basics to living a life of luxury!